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healthy and fitness laps of the week – shopping & protein

Sorry for the Tuesday post, instead of my normal Monday tips!

Healthy Lap of the Week – Shop the OUTSIDE of the Grocery Store!


There are hundreds of products that line the shelves of our grocery stores, but not all of them are good for you!  In fact, the majority of grocery store aisles are filled with artificial and processed foods, which we really should not be eating.  By shopping around the store, meaning literally walking around and not up and down any aisles, you are more likely to buy healthier foods!  The items that line the outsides of the stores normally include the freshest items, such as produce, the deli and the bakery.  I find that the only time I really go down the aisles is for peanut butter, oils or grains.

Fitness Lap of the Week – Eat Healthy Protein 60 minutes After Your Workout!

While you are working out, your muscles are basically becoming damaged and getting small tears in them.  Just think of what is happening when your legs are pounding the pavement on your run, or your muscles are shaking while you lift weights.  This is normal and is really the only way to get increasingly stronger.  Because of this, it is extremely important to eat a good quality protein and some carbs within an hour (and preferably within 30 minutes) of the end of your workout.  This is the time when your muscles absorb the most amount of nutrients because they are trying to repair themselves quickly.  You should stay away from a lot of fat (even good fats) right after a workout because it slows down digestion and absorbtion, and at this point, you want the food to be digested and absorbed quickly!  If you refuel properly, your muscles will repair themselves and get stronger and leaner, which is exactly what we all want!

Examples of a good post workout snack are a small protein shake, a banana or 1/2 of a lean turkey sandwich.  I normally workout in the mornings, so when I get home I will whip up a little smoothie with frozen fruit and protein powder, or eat a banana to hold me over until breakfast.


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  1. so true about the grocery store, except in mine the organic isle is smack in the middle. Wonder if that is on purpose?

  2. […] when I posted a healthy tip about eating protein within 30-60 minutes after exercise?  Well, check out this article on recovery and some […]

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