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a day off!

Check out the post on A Better Bag of Groceries from today!  Melissa liked my post on NuVal last week, so she talks about some of my finds!


I decided to take the day off today since my in-laws were still up in NH with us.  We packed up this morning, since they would have a long ride home, but first we stopped for breakfast!

Flapjacks is a pancake house in downtown Lincoln, NH.  It was rated best pancakes a few years in a row!

It is really cute, but simple inside.  They have a gas fireplace which we sat next to and kept nice and toasty, despite the 8 degree weather outside!

The menu is also pretty simple.  Lots of famous pancakes and eggs.

I started with some tea with just a touch of half & half.

And then ordered the egg sandwich (1 egg and cheese on an oversized english muffin).  Of course, I spread a little bit of ketchup on my english muffin!

I’m not a big pancake or french toast fan, but I did try some of this delicious french toast from my husband.  It was great!  That is a blop of their signature maple butter on top.

After breakfast, we drove back to Boston.  Once home, I broke out some leftovers for lunch because I was starving!  It wasn’t the most nutritious lunch I could have had, but it was what I was craving, so I went with it!  I mean, it’s my “day off”, right?!  I needed it to be light, so that I could hit up the gym an hour after.

Leftover Israeli couscous and Chobani pineapple greek yogurt with granola.

I have missed greek yogurt so much!  I splurged and bought some of my favorite pineapple yogurt, even though I normally don’t.  It was just what I wanted.  Super thick, creamy and fruity!  Looks like veggies will need to be in my future for dinner.

I enjoyed my lunch while reading a new issue of Food that was waiting for me on my doorstep.

Not sure how I got this magazine, but it is great!

Hopefully some veggies will be on my menu for tonight!  Time to get back on track!  It is not that I ate completely unhealthy this weekend, but it wasn’t the most nutritious weekend on record.  Sometimes, it is hard when you are away from home.  I think that it is important to eat healthy, but I also think that it is important to make the best of what you have around you.  My mom graciously cooked for us all weekend, and made wonderful homemade and healthy options for us to eat.  Even though I had plenty of healthy options, sometimes I just want to eat junk food, like nachos, since I rarely ever eat them!

I never feel great after I do, but to me sometimes it is worth it.  If you don’t give into the cravings, you’ll just end up eating more junk later on!  Plus, the majority of my meals are pretty healthy, so a splurge every so often is not going to kill me!

If I am going to eat something unhealthy, like nachos or pizza, I find that the best time to do that is when they are homemade.  This way you can regulate the amount of cheese and toppings that go on them.  I watched Michael Pollen on Oprah the other day and one thing that he said stuck with me. (Well, everything that he said stuck with me, but this one thing really stuck out!)  He said that you can eat as much dessert or junk food as you want, as long as you cook it yourself.  The chances of you cooking fried chicken or a chocolate cake every night are very slim!

Off to the gym!


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