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superbowl party

We stuck it out in New Hampshire for the superbowl!  We spent the morning snowshoeing and spent the afternoon preparing our feast! 🙂

The superbowl is always fun because of the company and the food – yum!  It wasn’t the healthiest day on record, and I probably won’t feel well tomorrow, but sometimes you just need to splurge and get it out of your system!

Before the night started, I did my favorite Power Yoga video.  This one is a killer!  You are basically in a plank the entire 60 minutes!  The first time I did it, I felt so weak.  But, today I felt much stronger due to all of my weight lifting.

Then, we started the night with a game of Beatles Monopoly and nachos!

While we were watching the superbowl and setting up for our “make your own pizza” bar, I had a beer – Circus Boy by Magic Hat.  I loved this one!  It is an unfiltered wheat beer, which are my favorite, especially with an orange one to make it girlier!

We set up everything for the pizza masters to go to work!

There were lots of good creations!

BBQ Chicken:

1/2 sausage and mushrooms, 1/2 onions and peppers:

1/2 Chicken & Broccoli, 1/2 Sausage and Peppers:

And, lots of everything on this pizza!

While the pizza cooked, some snacked on homemade chicken wings! (I skipped this course) 🙂

Instead, I waited for some salad and BBQ chicken pizza.

As you can see from the past few days, I have added cheese back into my diet in full force!  I stopped eating it for a few weeks to see how my stomach reacted, but I’ve missed it (and my greek yogurt!), so i’m adding it back in to see how it goes…

Dessert was some Chai Tea and a Super Charge Me cookie!

The Saints pulled through in the game!  Off to bed after a fun and exhausting weekend!


cross country skiing

It was chilly up here in New Hampshire yesterday, so we started with a hearty breakfast!

My mom made a delicious breakfast with broccoli quiche, sour cream coffee cake and fresh cut cantaloupe.  It was a great start to the day.

And, my plate!

After breakfast we headed out to cross country ski with my in-laws.  I haven’t been cross country skiing in a really long time, so it took a little while to get the hang of it, but once I did it was fun!

We went to the rental place to pick up our stuff.

After what seemed like forever to get our gear, we headed out to the slopes!

We made it 2 laps around these cross country trails.  It felt like a great total body workout!  I am exhausted. 🙂  Some pics of our day!

It was mostly flat or uphill, until we came to the hills – yikes!

We made it down and stopped by the river for some photo ops!

It was a gorgeous day!  After we finished skiing, I snacked on my new favorite bar for some protein before lunch.

Once home, we had panini’s and homemade soup for lunch!

I enjoyed a grilled cheese with cheddar and some roasted root vegetable soup from Barefoot Contessa made by mom!

After lunch we took a scenic drive up to the Mount Washington Inn!  The sky was a gorgeous blue and so clear that we had a perfect view of Mount Washington from the Inn.

We decided to sit in the gorgeous lobby overlooking the enormous fireplace and enjoy an afternoon cocktail!

I enjoyed a hot apple grog (cider and brandy) along with my mom and father-in-law, while Brant and his mom enjoyed an Irish Coffee.

With a cinnamon stick!

And, some snacks.

Once home from our lovely and relaxing afternoon, we started preparing for the dinner party!

A fun cheese platter!  I have a major cheese weakness…I love the Apricot Stilton, yum!!

And, the whole appetizer spread.

Lots of yummy choices, but I stuck with the cheese and crackers.  They went better with my cosmopolitan!

Dinner was chicken marsala, israeli couscous salad, spinach pie, and salad.  Here is some of the spread.

My favorite was the couscous!  YUM!

And, it is so simple!  Just israeli couscous, toasted pinenuts, raisins and some herbs.  Delicious.  I made a plate up of green salad and the couscous with added mushrooms from the chicken marsala (minus the chicken)!  Along with a glass of red wine.  Perfect!