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half marathon training

I recently found out that my name was picked to run the New York City Half Marathon on March 21st!  I am not sure that I am really ready (mentally or physically) to fully train for another long race yet, but I am excited for this adventure.  I have decided to log in my workouts on my blog under my Running Laps tab at the top of the page, so that you can follow my progress (and to keep myself under check)!

Since I have planned to ski a lot this winter, and I am enjoying doing more cross training and weight lifting to get stronger, I am going to try to take more of a cross training approach to this training session.  I am still going to try to keep my mileage up around 30 miles per week, but will most likely only run 4 days a week instead of 5-6.  My plan is to have 1 long run day and 1 speedwork day each week, amongst my other workouts.  I am not going to follow a strict schedule like I normally do, so we’ll see how this goes!

Overall, I think that my body will feel better and get a well deserved break from all that running I have been doing. 🙂  I am thinking of this half marathon more as a way for me to stay motivated over the cold winter months than as a PR race!


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