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I love to run in the winter.  I might be weird, but there is something about running in the cold that invigorates me!  It is hard to get out of my warm and toasty bed and go out into the cold at 5am, but after the initial shock I’m always happy that I am out there.  Being all bundled up and breathing in the cold, fresh air makes me feel free; like there isn’t a care in the world.  Living in the city, I normally have to run up and down the streets of Southie during the winter because it is much too cold and windy to run along the water.

The city is so still and calm.  The sky is dark and the street lights flicker.  The streets are silent; no cars, no people talking, no nothing.  Nothing except my feet hitting the ground.  I love the silence.  This is my time to think and to just be.

For some reason, winter running is more freeing to me than running during other times of the year.  I think it is mostly because of the lack of other people around.  The city streets are bustling at 5am on a summer or fall morning, but not on a winter morning.  Try it sometime, you’ll love it! 😉

Perhaps another reason why I love winter running is my winter running gear!  It is much more of a pain to get dressed to go out, but the gear is much more exciting than shorts and a t-shirt!  I am a big fan of Lululemon’s running gear.  They are practical and cute!  Layering is key for winter running.  Depending on the temperature, I like to wear a base layer, a mid-layer, and a top layer.  I omit the mid-layer if it is warmer.  The thickness of running tights varies as well, depending on the temp.  And, of course, socks, hats and gloves are all important too!

I am in New Hampshire today and gearing up for a little run in the freezing cold!  Good thing I was prepared and brought my favorite winter running clothes with me!  Here I am all ready to run in 15 degrees!

With my YakTrax for traction in the snow!  These are awesome and work great, especially for running up those snow covered hills!  Find them here or here.

And, some pictures from my run!

As you can see, I am super bundled up!  Here are pictures of some of my favorite winter running items (and where I found them)!  Note: I am not wearing all of these items today, but I am wearing most of them!

Base Layer

– Smartwool Midweight Long Sleeve Top from REI

This shirt is so comfy!  It’s great to layer under a sweater on a freezing cold day as well!  And, I just love the color :).

Mid Layer

– Nike Long Sleeve Cold Weather Hoodie from Road Runner Sports

Cozy sweatshirt with wicking properties.  Great for a regular sweatshirt as well – it’s lined with fleece!

Top Layer

– Velocity Running Jacket from Lululemon

I use this for running, as well as for my rain jacket.  The hood zips into the jacket, and the sleeves have thumbholes and cuffins that fold over your fingers to act as mittens!  What could be better?!

Tank Top

– Athletic Deep V Tank from Lululemon

You could use this as your sports bra as well, but I like a little extra support.  My favorite parts of this tank are the mesh back and how it flares out from the bust and is looser over your tummy!

Sports Bra

– Champion T-Back Sports Bra from Road Runner Sports

Supportive, yet comfortable sports bra that doesn’t give you the uni-boob!  I have always liked champion.


– Spirit Run Tights from Lululemon

So comfortable!  Higher tummy, so you don’t have to keep yanking up your tights while running and ruching at the calves, so they don’t ride up!  There is also a zippered pocket in the back for your keys, or a snack :).


– Smartwool PhD Running Socks from REI

These are a must!  My absolute fav!  The higher cut is great for winter, so that they fit under your tights and keep your ankles warm.


– Manzella Convertible Windproof Mittens from Road Runner Sports

These are warm gloves, that have a windproof cover you can pull over your fingers when it is really cold.  When not in use, they tuck into the glove -genius!


– Luon Running Hat from Lululemon

Cute hat with a hole for your ponytail to fly out the back!


4 Responses

  1. That is awesome you love to run in winter. I loved the pictures of your run, how beautiful! Happy Sunday!

  2. Jen – you are inspiring! You’re right, the running gear would make it fun! (;

  3. […] can check out my Winter Running Gear section here, but since spring is upon us, it might be better to just keep […]

  4. Wow, it’s like you and I are the same person! Everyone makes fun of me for running in the winter in Saskatoon where it can reach -40 degrees Celsius, but I just love it! It can be so depressing here in the winter, so the winter runs are such a nice break.

    Thanks for your story!


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