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turkey trot

To me, Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season and I was thrilled that it was here!!  It meant even more to me this year since it means that marathon training is over!  Yahoo!
Brant and I took the week off after the marathon and basically road tripped from Philly to NYC to Newport, RI to Long Island and back to Boston.  We spent Thanksgiving with my family in Newport, RI.  My family always does an “on the road” Thanksgiving, and this year Newport was the spot!  The weather wasn’t the best, but we spent our three days there eating, drinking, shopping and sightseeing!
On Thanksgiving morning, we also squeezed in a Turkey Trot (or Thanksgiving Day Pie Run as they call it in Newport).  Each runner received a shirt and a pie!  How fun.  My family was up bright and early for the run (my 2 cousins, sister-in-law, husband, mom and aunt).  I have made this a very fun tradition for Thanksgiving for a few years now.  I love being able to spend time working out with my family (because honestly, it’s one of my favorite things to do!).
At 8 o’clock sharp the starting gun went off…and the runners were off!  Now, this was only 4 days from my marathon, so my plan was to take it slow.  However, me and slow do not mix well together, so of course as soon as we started, I was off.  It was a very scenic 5 mile run through Middleton, RI…we ran through cute neighborhoods and along the water.  I felt a little tightness in my legs, but since I had not run in 4 days, I had quite a bit of energy.  I was shocked that I felt this great!  I managed to keep a steady 8 minute mile pace throughout the run and crossed the finish line in 40 minutes flat.  My fastest 5 mile run yet!  (just imagine how fast I could have gone if I had not just run a marathon!)
After my finish I walked up the course a bit to see the rest of my fam come in.  Abby, my youngest cousin, came in right after me!  Way to go Abby!!  And, Brant, Jaimee, Casey, Gale and Carol all did a fabulous job as well!
We definitely deserve our delicious thanksgiving meal tonight!