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On our visit to NYC before Thanksgiving, Brant and I visited my favorite little tea shop, Podunk, in the East Village.  My friend, Rebecca, introduced me to this little shop when I visited her last year.  It is adorable!

Unfortunately, my stupid camera deleted all of the photos that I took of this cute little shop. 

My husband and I stopped at Podunk for an afternoon treat after a busy morning of shopping.  The shop is on a side street in the East Village.  It is a long and narrow shop lined with funky decor.  The woman who own’s the shop bakes all of her tea treats each morning, and serves her tea in individual funky teapots.  She has a mismash of teapots and cups all over her shop, which makes it feel so much more like home!

I ordered a teashop blend of coconut black tea, while Brant ordered a darjeeling.  Mrs. Clause (as we refer to her, since she is fully dressed in her apron and cap) recommended this tea to him after asking him a little bit about his tastes in tea.  We also ordered 2 pink frosted cupcakes and some homemade chocolate chip cookies.

You order at the counter in the shop and seat yourself.  We picked a small table in the front corner to enjoy our tea, as well as, the ambience.  When the tea is ready, it is served on a tray with your individual teapot, teacup, strainer, spoon, plate of goodies and milk or cream (whichever you prefer).  We both fully enjoyed our tea and our teatime at Podunk!

It is definitely worth a visit on a trip to NYC!


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