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the day before

We left bright and early saturday morning (nov. 21st) to make the trek down to Philadelphia for marathon weekend!  We woke up, packed up the car (who knew I would have 4 bags for a 1 week vacation?!), and hit the road!  The drive down was a breeze.  No traffic, and bright and sunny our whole way!  Once in Philly, we made our way over to the Convention Center for my number pick-up!

at the expo

There were a lot of people at the expo, which made me both more nervous and excited!  This was it!  My 18 weeks of training come down to one day – and that day is tomorrow!!  Holy moly!

While at the expo I picked up my number, packet and shirt.  It’s a great shirt!  I also changed corrals.  After much debate, I decided that I needed to start off with the faster runners.  It was up to me to be disciplined enough to keep my own pace, but I would be anxious to start the race, and even more anxious if I needed to bob and weave my way through the pack at the start (this wastes way too much energy!).  This ended up being a great idea for me, but more on that later!

The remainder of the day on Saturday was spent just lounging around, hanging out with friends, and eating!  We ate dinner at a fabulous italian restaurant right around the corner from our hotel, La Viola.  They had homemade pasta which was to die for!  I’m bummed I didn’t snap a photo.  The menu looked delicious, but I ended up ordering plain fusilli pasta with homemade tomato sauce.  I needed to keep it plain and simple the night before my big day!  After my pasta, lots of warm italian bread and water, I was ready to call it a night.

Back in our hotel room, I layed out my clothes for marathon day, put my name on my shirt and kept debating about what to actaually wear, since the temperature at start time was going to be about 40 degrees.  Chilly!


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