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sometimes you have to splurge

We spent our day today watching the Brown football team take on Dartmouth in the pouring rain!  We love visiting Providence, RI.  What a nice, small city!  Since we were down there for the game, we made a stop to the best pizza shop – Antonio’s!  This pizza place is famous for their pizza-by-the-slice varieties.  They literally have anything you could imagine, Chicken Quesadilla Pizza, Buffalo Chicken, Taco, Meat Supreme, Cinnamon Apple – literally everything!

I picked Brant up The Noreaster: breaded chicken with bacon, diced tomatoes, red onion, ranch dressing, mozarella and cheddar cheeses (i think I’m forgetting some toppings!).  I snapped a photo quickly before it was gone!

I went for an old favorite – Chicken Quesadilla: spicy chicken, onion, tomatoes, crushed corn chips, sour cream and cheddar cheese.

As usual, the slices were delicious!  (even though I felt crappy after eating the whole slice!)