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date night!

What a great saturday!!  It was beautiful out, so I spent some time running outside before our date night!  We had a pretty open weekend, so we decided to spend the afternoon at the movies.  We headed over to the new outdoor shopping mall in Dedham, Legacy Place.  Lots of fun shops, movies and restaurants!  We saw a matinee, Paranormal, the scary Blair Witch-esque movie.  It was creepy!  Definitely having nightmares from that one.  It was that creepy-it-could-be-real kind of scary, which seems so much scarier to me than the normal scary.  It wasn’t the best movie, but it was ok.

After the movie we headed to Kings for some cocktails and bowling!  It was so much fun to just hang out together.  We started out with some cocktails and nachos at the bar while we waited for a bowling lane.  I tried the Strawberry Fusion Martini – yum!



Strawberry Fusion Martini – strawberry vodka, white grape juice with fresh strawberry puree and a splash of champagne with a sugar rim.

After we finished our cocktails, we started our bowling!  Brant is a great at bowling, but I kept up during round 2!

Our moves:


Brant with his first shot


Jen trying to keep up!

Our scores:


Round 1


Round 2

Such a fun and relaxing night!