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peanut butter, pizza & pomegranates

Peanut Butter

I arrived home this afternoon to the best surprise ever!!!  Justin’s Nut Butter sent me some samples of their peanut butter to try 🙂 🙂 :-)!  I was excited when I saw the box, but even more excited after opening the box to find the NEW Chocolate Peanut Butter inside!!!  You made this girl the happiest girl on the planet!



I have been drooling over this peanut butter ever since seeing a post about it on their website, but when I recently found out that it wasn’t going to be released to stores until January, I was bummed.  But, not anymore!!  I could not be more excited!  Reviews are definitely to come this weekend.  I’d try it now, but I already know I am going to love it and I need to save room for my favorite pizza my husband is bringing home :-)!  They also sent me their honey PB, which I am psyched about as well!



I love pizza, like really love pizza.  I used to eat it all the time, but I have definitely cut back.  Now, when I have pizza it is for a special treat, like a friday night at home after a long week!  Tonight’s pizza place of choice was Upper Crust!  Luckily, my husband got a new job in Lexington and the store is right next to his building, so he picked it up on his way home.


If you haven’t been to Upper Crust, you have to go.  It is a fairly thin crust pizza, but the dough is still a little chewy.  Our favorite is Bub’s BBQ Chicken – yummy!!  It has BBQ sauce as the base (instead of a red tomato sauce) with mozzarella cheese, onion and breaded chicken.


When I first moved to Boston, I lived right down the street from this place – that was bad!  We went so much, that I swear the staff new us.  It is delicious!


My other fun treat this evening was my pomegranate martini, made from my super ripe Pom!


I bought this guy about a week ago, and have been waiting for it to hit its peak ripeness for me to use it for my favorite cocktail!  My father-in-law prefers the real thing when making his pomegranate martini’s and they always turn out so good, so I figured I should give it a try.  I started by rolling the pom with my hands in order to get the juices flowing.  Then, I cut a slit in the top and squeezed out the juice before ripping it open to find all of the seeds!


Yum!  Looks at all of that juice!  Next, I shook up the juice with some citrus vodka and ice in a shaker before pouring it into my beautiful glass.  Doesn’t it look good?!


Garnish was a few of the pomegranate seeds, but they sunk directly to the bottom!  Luckily, I have a lot left over to munch on tomorrow.  What a perfect way to end the work week!  Off to chill out on the couch!