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I left work early today for a doctor’s appointment downtown.  I left super early so that I gave myself ample time to make it downtown and find parking.  It was much easier than I thought it was going to be, so I had about 45 minutes to kill.  Since my doctor is in Post Office Square, I popped into the adorable little coffee/lunch shop in the center of the square, called Sip.  What a cute name?!


Sip Cafe (a little dark...)

It is an adorable little place, and was fairly empty at the time I was there, so I easily found a table inside (it was a bit too chilly for outside!).  I ordered a latte and a lemon biscotti to tide me over until dinner.  Such great presentation!  And, they tasted delicious too!  I am skeptical about biscotti, but it always seems like such a great accompaniment to a good coffee.  This biscotti was great, not too dry and not too sweet!


Latte & Lemon Biscotti


Close up of my fancy latte!

Their sandwiches sounded divine, and they serve MEM tea!  The staff that worked there was also extremely nice, which helps the whole experience.  I will definitely hit up this place again.


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