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maple almond butter!

I had my all time favorite food for a snack today – peanut almond butter!  My love of all nut butters is kind of crazy.  I will actually go to different grocery stores, just to search for new brands and flavors.  I typically search for the most natural stuff I can find, which doesn’t contain any additives.  You’ll know it is natural, if it has the oils on the top!

Peanut butter is a great, healthy snack to enjoy!  It contains lots of protein, healthy fats and fiber, which will help your body feel full and satisfied for long time.  It is definitely my snack of choice!

My favorite new find is Maple Almond Butter from Justin’s Nut Butter. (and I heard a rumor that they are coming out with chocolate nut butters too – oh my!).  I will eat peanut and/or almond butter on everything, my favorite being on my morning bowl of oats.  I, too, was scared to try it because I was always a brown-sugar-oatmeal lover, but trust me it’s good!  Just a few melty scoops on the top of a hot, steamy bowl of banana oatmeal – what could be better?!


Today, I enjoyed my almond butter on a simple banana as a snack and it was divine!  There is just a hint of maple in the almond butter, not to sweet at all.  And, the best part about Justins Nut Butter is that they come in individual packets for fuel on the go, or just for portion control…fantastic!



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